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Founders Agreement Template

A founders agreement template set the basic rules to how everything is going to be managed among the founders of a venture or a startup. Founders’ agreement is considered to be a useful tool while setting up a start up for a business or an entrepreneurship venture. It helps you make important decisions in the future and secures your investments even if you wish to split your shares in the future. A founders’ agreement clearly states about the rights for ownership of the business or he startup. The founders’ agreement is not the property of the local or the state government, whereas, it is kept as part of your company’s legal documents and are used while dealing with the corporate matters. If a situation demands the ownership distribution of a company, this is where a founders’ agreement comes in handy.

A founders agreement template starts with the title of the agreement along with the company’s name followed by the name of the founders or the shareholders. It also incorporates all the legal information about your startup; therefore, it plays an important role while establishing rules for your company. A founders’ agreement also clarifies about who holds the decision making authority when it comes to taking important decisions about the business. Handling important matters while distributing business shares can be made easy with the generation of this agreement. A founders’ agreement strengthens the relationship between the founders of a company or the even the co-founders as well. In the end the signatures of all the founders along with the date of the issuance are mentioned in the founders’ agreement format. This verifies that they agree to the information written on the agreement.

Founder Agreement Template

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