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Cohabitation Agreement Template

A cohabitation agreement template is a legal contract signed between two people who wish to live together as a couple. It is a legitimate document that states the terms and conditions upon which two people in a relationship agrees to and decides to document and make it legal. In general the agreement is made between a non-marital party i.e., a couple who are not married but wishes to live together and share the expenses. To save one’s self from getting into arguments or legal disputes in the future, two people who opt to live together sign a cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation agreement is generally issued by a lawyer who acknowledges the consent of both the individuals and then writes down the terms for the agreement which are later signed by the couple. Cohabitation agreement is considered to be the best way to convey your conditions to the partner and the legitimacy makes it even safer.

A professionally generated cohabitation agreement template enlists the name of title of the agreement along with the name of the individuals who are signing the agreement. It also incorporates all of the terms and conditions upon which the two individuals agreed. Any amendments in the terms and conditions must be informed to the other party legally. A statement stating that both the parties should abide with the terms written in the agreement and legal action can be taken against the other party if the terms are not being followed. The date on which the agreement is signed must be mentioned and the agreement closes with the signatures of both the concerned parties. Cohabitation agreement sample secures your domestic investments and saves you from financial loss in case you decide to live with your partner.

cohabitation agreement template

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